SHARE Protocol


Decentralized distribution powered by SHARE.
As an infrastructure protocol layer, there are many applications that may be built on top of SHARE. The Formless SHARE dApp, also called the Formless dApp, is an interface developed by Formless that expresses the capabilities of the SHARE Protocol.
The Formless dApp enables creators to create distribute content (audio or video) as smart contracts which administer access terms (e.g. per stream, or per time window) basis to consumers and other applications. The dApp is located at and features:
  • A web3 wallet connection. Explicitly supported wallets are Metamask and Coinbase Wallet.
  • A method for creators to generate customized Pay-for-Access (PFA) smart contracts.
  • An interface where users can stream (view or listen to) content.
  • A way for consumers to pay for and stream content using cryptocurrency (currently ETH or MATIC) or using Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Automatic revenue splits between the creators and collaborators using smart contracts.
  • Direct deposits of transaction revenues into the wallets of content owners.
Last modified 6mo ago