SHARE Protocol V1 API Endpoints

SHARE Protocol includes an RPC based Cloud API which performs the following operations:

  1. Build and deploy revenue sharing smart contracts (S2RD and SL2RD) to EVM compatible blockchains.

  2. Build and deploy pay-for-access rights management contracts (PFA and PFCollection) to EVM compatible blockchains.

  3. Verify and authenticate network user operations using Passkey and Google Sign-In.

  4. Provision and manage multi-party computation (MPC) wallets.

Note that it is not required to use these endpoints to build contracts and to interact with the network. The protocol is permissionless and these endpoints are provided for convenience. Today, these endpoints are used by and accessible via our production decentralized application GUI (e.g. through the Create Contract interface). Direct access to these RPC endpoints is currently invite-only. We'd love to learn more about your use case as we work to make these endpoints generally available. Get in touch with us.

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