What is SHARE?
Decentralized distribution using peer-to-peer, pay-for-access micro-transactions on blockchain.
Note: As of August 2, 2022, Share is an Alpha-stage (v.1.0.0-rc-1) software product, and available for pilot purposes only.
Share is both a digital content distribution protocol, and a decentralized application (dApp) that is the first user interface that leverages and expresses the capabilities of the protocol. Share has a wide variety of applications including music, video, and podcasts. The Share Whitepaper provides a detailed overview of the Share protocol.
Share enables creators to choose the price per stream of their content, distribute the content directly to consumers, make it accessible on any dApp, and receive payments instantly when their content is streamed.
For developers and streaming platforms of the future, it's a building block that provides a way to offer premium content to users without permission (no signups, logins, subscriptions, or personal identifiable information required), access content directly from the blockchain, and pay creators instantly through micro-transactions. More documentation on the smart contract and deployment is available in the Guides and Technical Reference sections.
Delayed payouts
Instant payouts
No price differentiation
Creators choose the price per stream
Single monolithic platform
Open blockchain ecosystem
Signups, logins, invoices, bills
A single, portable identity (a Web3 wallet address)
Audiences are customers only
Audiences are economically incentivized through sharing and co-owning
No incentives for content sharing and curation
Anyone can make money from sharing and curating content
Platforms optimize for user retention
Protocols optimize for transaction volume
Legacy, siloed infrastructure built for information-only communications
Modern tech with open architecture built to transfer value natively and efficiently
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